Mini Drink Bottle Lids


Lids Only

MontiiCo Active+ Lid

A heavy duty sports lid which is tough and durable. With a faster flow, reinforced inner, and removable parts for easy cleaning. This guy can take on thirst with ease.

MontiiCo Bamboo Lid

The eco-friendly bamboo lid with a water-tight seal, giving your MontiiCo bottle some charm.

MontiiCo Sipper Lid

Tip him up, and let it flow! Thirst waits for no-one. Our MontiiCo Sipper Lid, allows more H2O - faster! Our Sipper Lid can be used interchangeably with all MontiiCo drink bottles.

All lids are leak-proof when closed, but don't leave them open or the water will flow!

    All of the products at MontiiCo are made with Mum in mind, because at the end of the day? Mums make the world go 'round. So it's MontiiCo's mission to create fun, practical and reusable products which make your lives a little bit easier and the world a bit more plastic-free.

    Montii Mums want products that not only look awesome and unique to what you find in the shops (and let’s admit, Insta-worthy and matchy matchy), but they also want school and family activity essentials made to withstand dropping, kicking, spilling, whacking and whatever else our little angels do when we're not looking.