Grapat 6 Rainbow Bowls


These six Grapat wooden bowls in six beautiful soft rainbow colours, invite children to experience and learn through play. Bowls can be used for colour sorting, stacking, hiding objects, filling up and emptying, or simply as a little tea cup. The opportunities are endless - which is the beauty of open ended toys.

Open ended toys allow children to use their imagination and awaken their enquiring nature, to discover and explore through activities such as, stacking ,sorting, covering, hiding and so much more. This set will have great longevity, it’s uses will grow and change with the child.

Recommended Age +18 months

Size: each bowl approx. 6x3cm

Joguines Grapat is a small, family-run workshop producing natural wooden toys near the base of the Pyrenees mountains in Catalonia, Spain. Casiana and Jordi (the founders of Grapat) drawing on ideas from Waldorf and Montessori pedagogies, and the natural world around them, believe that play is a sacred moment, that simply made toys without instruction encourage children to explore and discover each in their own unique way.  Made with love using mostly beech and birch wood sourced locally from sustainable forests, all Grapat Toys are finished with water-based, non-toxic dyes and vegetable oils, and come beautifully presented in sustainable eco-friendly packaging.