Kids’ Doctor Kit Australia

Discover Your Child’s Social Skills With Our Kids’ Doctor Kit Australia

Our gender-neutral kids’ doctor kit in Australia makes for a wonderful gift for your little one. Manufactured from high quality materials, this kids’ doctor kit encourages imaginative role-play while allowing endless hours of learning and fun. Passionate about early learning development, the Dimple and Dot range of toys focusses on building a solid foundation for your child on which to build lifelong social and academic advantages.

What Sets Dimple and Dot Apart Regarding Our Kids’ Doctor Kit

Our primary focus is offering high-quality educational toys to assist your child in reaching their developmental goals through imagination and creativity.

  • Our kids’ medical kits are manufactured out of wood to provide longevity and durability and are eco-friendly because of their biodegradable and recyclable nature. They are designed to comply with New Zealand and Australian toy standards and use non-toxic paint.
  • Our multiple convenient payment methods make shopping for your kids’ doctor kit a breeze. We offer payment via Afterpay and also accept lay buys. Our shipping fee is set and nationwide.
  • Our range of products is sourced locally and support our local entrepreneurs. Our comprehensive product range enables us to cater to many ages of children and aid in many different areas.

Related Services We Provide To Our Kids’ Medical Kit

Our online store offers a wide variety of different toys, each one aiding in a different skill and catering to different stages of your child’s life.

  • Our Baby Play range is designed to help young children and aimed at developing hand-eye coordination. The collection is a crucial step towards developing and maintaining learning ability as well as their motor skills, all while keeping them entertained.
  • Our beautifully hand-made décor and storage items are manufactured from rattan and serve as functioning décor pieces for your little one’s room. This range is low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Our brightly coloured and illustrated flashcards assist children to improve their knowledge using visual aids. Flashcards provide small bits of information in an exciting and memorable way while keeping your child’s focus and engagement.

Why You Should Use Dimple and Dot

We encourage educational based learning through your child’s natural curiosity to build on their crucial developmental skills, skills such as problem solving, social interaction, as well as nurturing of imagination and creativity.

Our kids’ medical kit is an effective way for your child to explore the world through toys, while teaching them responsibility and other characteristics for growth. The doctor patient dynamic assists in developing emotion and empathy, and role play has been linked to extending attention spans and intellectual growth. 

We offer competitive pricing on our products without compromising on the quality and we aim to provide you with an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience on our easy to navigate and user friendly online store. We offer a transparent returns policy in line with the Australian Consumer Protection Legislation by either replacing your item or offering a full refund.

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