Tiny Harlow

The inspiration for the Tiny Harlow range came from the idea that toys of the past were created with patience and love. They were handcrafted, lovingly made from raw and natural materials. They were made of such high quality that they became family heirlooms.

Tiny Harlow has a mission to bring back the quality and unique beauty of these heirloom toys to the modern world. Tiny Harlow believes in reducing our footprint on this earth and that is why each of the Tiny Harlow range is made from natural rattan and cane. Each product is ethically made in a small family run factory in Indonesia by a team of talented people.

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Rattan Dolls Highchair - Dimple and Dot
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Rattan Dolls Bassinet - Standard Size - Dimple and Dot
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Rattan Sunrise Doll's Bassinet - Dimple and Dot
Rattan Dolls Change Table - Dimple and Dot
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Rattan Dolls Wardrobe - Dimple and Dot