Melbourne-based QToys are passionate about designing toys that foster self-learning and skill development in young children. Each high-quality product is carefully crafted to ensure long-lasting play. All QToys are made from plantation wood and non-toxic materials. The plantation timber ensures that each toy is unique, with the natural colours of the timber ensuring each piece is beautiful and different.

QToys comply with the highest safety standards for toys. QToys produced for the Australian market strictly comply with Australian and New Zealand toy safety standards. Additionally, most QToys also have the CE mark which means that they have been tested by qualified testing organizations according to the European safety standards for toys. 

QToys have very high quality finishes thanks to the excellent craftsmanship which accounts for eighty percent of the production. Each QToys is therefore a craft, which leaves long-lasting satisfaction for the children playing with our toys.

Build a Strong Foundation for your Child with Q Toys in Australia

Dimple and Dot offers a range of quality toys which explicitly encourage learning through play, including Connetix, Miniland, Waytoplay and Q Toys, in Australia. We’ve selected the best toy brands inspired in part by Montessori learning concepts, so you don’t have to.

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Wooden Rainmaker - Dimple and Dot
Montessori Sorting Rings - Dimple and Dot
Coloured Wooden Balls Set of 50 - Dimple and Dot
Wooden Vehicle Set - Dimple and Dot
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Natural Stacking Bowls - Dimple and Dot
Montessori Egg, Ball and Cup set - Dimple and Dot
Moon and Star Balancing game - Dimple and Dot
Natural Number Puzzle - Dimple and Dot
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Writing and Counting Trays - Dimple and Dot
Natural Bouncing Stacking Rings - Dimple and Dot
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Wooden Tool Set - Dimple and Dot
Toddler Knob Shape Puzzle - Dimple and Dot
Montessori Leaf Puzzle - Dimple and Dot
Writing and Spelling Trays - Dimple and Dot
Two Tone Wooden Balls Set of 50 - Dimple and Dot
Lowercase Letter Tracing board - Dimple and Dot
Wooden Blocks 117 piece - Dimple and Dot
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Jumbo Counting Trays - Dimple and Dot
Number Tracing Board - Dimple and Dot
Word Building Kit - Dimple and Dot
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CVC Word Kit - Dimple and Dot
Short -Tall Puzzle - Dimple and Dot
Bouncing Stacking Rings - Dimple and Dot
Narrow-wide Puzzle - Dimple and Dot
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32 results