Playful Wood

Playful Wood started their toy production in 2009 with owner and creator Pavel Chvatal. Even as a child, Pavel had a passion for working with wood and was blessed with a natural ability and skill set that is evident in all of his handmade creations.

Each toy is designed, created and tested by Pavel himself which is a very involved and intricate process. As with most artists and creators, he is a perfectionist which is why only a small portion of his ideas make it into final production.

All of the toys in the Playful Wood range are made using eco friendly, sustainable materials and non toxic paints and finishes which has been a core focus of the company since the beginning.
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Wooden Puzzle Flower - Small - Dimple and Dot
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Wooden Sun Puzzle - Dimple and Dot
Wooden Shape Puzzle - Dimple and Dot
Wooden Geometric Shapes Puzzle - Large - Dimple and Dot