Love Mae

Love Mae is committed to bringing positive change to the world of children’s dinnerware for the health of tiny foodies & the planet they will inherit, a commitment delivered with beauty and functionality in décor and design.

Based in the heart of Byron Bay, Love Mae is a heartfelt brand with passionate eco-principles always striving to ensure their eco-footprint is as light as a feather

When choosing dinnerware for children, the market offers an abundance of designs and materials to choose from – plastic, melamine and ceramic, to a less toxic option like bamboo or plant-based.

Love Mae have made the decision to work with Bamboo, driven by the environmental benefits, closely followed by functionality and aesthetics. The balance of them all is what makes Love Mae Eco dinnerware a quality product that is both beautiful and thoughtful.

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Divided Plate Set - Australiana - Dimple and Dot
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Divided Plate Set - ABC - Dimple and Dot
Divided Plate Set - Byron Bay - Dimple and Dot
Bamboo Divided Plate Set - Woodland Friends - Dimple and Dot
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Bamboo Divided Plate Set - Wild Camping - Dimple and Dot
Bamboo Divided Plate Set - Palm Springs - Dimple and Dot