Why we love our Connetix Tiles

If there is a toy that is most played with in our household – it is our Connetix magnetic tiles. Connetix tiles are extremely versatile and can be played with in so many different ways. You can stack, build, colour sort, experiment with lighting, and the list goes on! There is absolutely no doubt that my girls favourite thing to do with their magnetic tiles is to build them as high as they possibly can…... and knock them down! The joy on their face is totally worth it!

Tidy up is super easy – the magnets are extraordinarily strong, and each piece connects well with each other. They are very easy to move from room to room and they even connect to areas around the house (think flyscreens and garage doors!). We personally love playing with ours outside.

All Connetix magnetic tiles also come with a carry bag which makes it super convenient to take them out with you to keep your little ones entertained and occupied. You will likely find adults wanting to join in!

Magnetic tiles are open ended so the best thing about them is that they can be played with in multiple ways. It really allows the child to use their imagination whilst developing some especially important skills such as problem solving and hand eye coordination.

A popular question asked is if Connetix tiles are compatible with other magnetic tiles. Connetix tiles are compatible with many other brands which are the same size. The magnet in each brand differs so you may find some are stronger than others, and may affect the ability to build tall structures.

The age recommendation for Connetix is 3+ however my 14month old has enjoyed playing with them with no issues or concerns. Connetix tiles are riveted for safety whereas a lot of the cheaper brands are not. (We also have a cheaper brand and can hear the magnets shaking around inside).  

Connetix tiles are of a high quality and will last many, many years. They are absolutely worth the investment with how much our children play with them. The price point may be a little off putting so you can always start with a smaller set (they are currently available in 24pc, 62pc and 100pc) and build up your collection from there. We jumped straight in with a 100pc set and are now considering adding to our collection.

You can click here to shop our Connetix Magnetic Tiles range.

We hope this helps in some small way however if you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact us through our social media channels or by sending us an email to: info@dimpleanddot.com.au

Natalie x

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