Craft Time! How to create your very own DIY town!

With school holidays approaching, we hope all Mums, Dads, Carers and children are looking forward to some well earned rest. We have teamed up with Sheryl from @cardboard.kiddo to bring you this fabulous DIY town, using everyday materials you may already have at home! Decorate the buildings however you like to create a scene that’s sure to spark open-ended, imaginative play. Here we have used our Iconic Aussie Vehicles set.

How to: Create a DIY town

Using everyday materials found at home, it’s time to get creative and design your very own town! 

Here’s what you’ll need:


- Cardboard and assortment of empty boxes (snack boxes, tissues boxes etc)

- Coloured felt

- Bubble wrap

- Wooden craft sticks, bamboo skewers or chopsticks

- Penknife, scissors, glue gun or tape

Let’s get started!

Create the houses:

1) Cut off the top of a tissue box and cut a piece of cardboard to fit the length of the box. 

2) Draw and cut outline of houses on the cardboard. Cut and fold flaps to create doors. 

3) Lay houses on side of box and outline door shape to make cuts. 

4) Decorate houses however you like, then use glue gun or tape to attach to box. 



Create the building:

1) Cut off the top of a box and cut a piece of cardboard larger than the box to create the building. 

2) Cut flames out of felt and glue to a wooden craft stick. 

3) Glue or tape the cardboard building onto the box, leaving a small gap between the pieces for the fire. Remove the craft stick when the fire truck has extinguished the flames! 



Create the postbox:

1) Cut a piece of red paper large enough to wrap up a small box. 

2) Wrap up box like a present on all sides but the top. Cut and wrap around the top flap of box so the box can still be opened and closed. This will make it easier to retrieve the mail.

3) Cut a mail slot and chute opening for posting letters, then decorate. 



Create the carwash:

1) Cut off top and side panels of a tissue box, leaving one flap as shown (optional). 

2) Cut four pieces of felt to fit the width of the box, and cut a fringe, leaving around 2cm at the top. 

3) Wrap and glue the felt onto a craft stick. Use two on each stick, layering over the top piece so it overlaps the bottom. Leave a section of the stick uncovered at the top. 

4) Cut pieces of bubble wrap and tape onto a skewer or chopstick. Repeat this step with another piece of felt as well, for the exit. 

5) Assemble by cutting small slits at the top and sides of the box for the craft sticks and skewers. Slide through and glue to secure in place. 

6) Make a sign on cardboard and glue onto section of craft stick at the top of the box. Decorate with entry and exit arrows, or any other signage you wish. 


Now it’s time to put it all together!

1) Create a base plate for your town. Draw on any features you want to include, there’s room for plenty of creativity here! 

2) Make trees by cutting pieces of felt and gluing onto craft sticks. Use blutac or playdough to plant them on your small world.

3) Set it up and it’s time to play! 

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Creative content by Sheryl from @cardboard.kiddo exclusively for Dimple and Dot. 

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